Frequently asked questions


What is the typical recovery time?
Most men feel a dull ache an hour or two after the procedure when the local anesthetic wears off. The day after the procedure there is improvement in the pain and most men are walking. We recommend avoiding running, jumping, etc until day 3 or 4. At this point you can slowly begin to return to normal activity but at a slow rate until 1 week after the vasectomy. This can change if you develop a hematoma or other complication (rare).

Do you do Reversals?

No, unfortunately we do not do Vasectomy Reversals. Please call Dr. Gould at NCMFC.


What do you mean by no-needle?
Instead of a needle and syringe, we use a spray applicator to shoot a very fine stream of local anesthetic through the skin. This feels like a rubber band flick. See the video for a demonstration.

What do you mean by no-scalpel?
A curved, sharp set of scissors are used to spread the tissue and the vas deferens is pulled through the skin. The opening is very small and the tissue heals quickly. There is no need to suture the skin closed at the end of the procedure. And men can shower the day after the procedure.


What does it feel like?
As mentioned above, the anesthetic spray through the skin feels like a rubber band flick. This anesthetic numbs the skin and the vas deferens underneath. 99% of men don’t feel much afterward, if there is any pain we can add extra anesthetic. One of our patient’s was kind enough to record himself during a procedure and has shared his video with us. There is no footage of anything below the belt. 

Will this affect my sex life?
There is no effect on production of testosterone and 95% of the volume of semen comes from elsewhere (seminal vesicles, prostate). There is, therefore, NO Change in erections, sex drive, semen quality or libido and climax. 

How long until I don’t have to worry about using protection?
A semen sample will need to be submitted after 12 weeks AND 20 ejaculations. This is included in the full price.

Can I have my sample done sooner than 12 weeks?
Some of my patients are eager to know if they have cleared sooner and ask for a sample at 8 weeks. I am willing to do this for them with the understanding that if it comes back with some sperm present they will pay the $60 for the next test.

What insurance do you accept?
We accept Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, First Health, Molina/Golden Shore, Multiplan/PHCS, Tricare (Certified Authorized Provider), and United Healthcare (along with a few smaller plans). At this time we do not accept Kaiser or Sutter.

Where can I find reviews on this clinic?
Please follow the links below to see our clinic reviews. Keep in mind that Yelp hides reviews over time.
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Who are you and why are you handling my scrotum?
I’m Chirag A Patel MD PhD, a Family Medicine Board Certified physician. If I am handling your scrotum then we have most likely done a free phone or in-person consult and scheduled you for a vasectomy. You completed the online registration. You have paid the cash price or had your insurance cover the cost. You will soon (12 weeks) be enjoying worry free sex with your partner. Congratulations!